Building my Baby

a blog following me through the ups, downs, joys and woes of pregnancy.

Quick Stats October 26, 2010

OCTOBER 1st-Blood confirmed pregnancy, hcg 338, 1st U/S but nothing there yet
OCTOBER 3rd-hcg 900, 2nd U/S still nothin but right ovary looked like it might have mass/cyst on it but doc said its not threatening.
OCTOBER 4th-hcg 1285 going up!!
OCTOBER 5th-hcg 1746, U/S still shows nothing, other stats 120 lbs
OCTOBER 7th-hcg 3152, positive urine test at Lifeline
OCTOBER 8th-no ultrasound, doc says everything is going great! bp 120/78, 120 lbs
OCTOBER 12th-ultrasound, SAW LITTLE FOR FIRST TIME!! i fell in love again. will hopefully get to see the heartbeat on my next ultrasound!
OCTOBER 18th-had a horrible scare, bleeding profusely, went to ER for threatened miscarriage, hcg 57,647
OCTOBER 19th-ultrasound, everything is great! baby’s heartbeat is 128!!!
OCTOBER 26th-ultrasound, heartbeat 154, shows a couple “bleeds” that hopefully wont cause issues.


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