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Anatomy Scan January 26, 2011

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I went in today for our 20 week anatomy scan. As you should know, we had found out a lot earlier that this little baby was supposedly going to be a girl, well, that was confirmed very clearly when we took a peak! Just like her sister, Olivia was adament about not giving us a good profile picture to bring home, but we were able to see her cute little face every time she would kick and punch and roll around in there…must have been the gallon of SunnyD I drank before the appointment haha. Everything measured great, right on track with where I should be except for her legs being a bit tiny, but that’s completely normal at this stage. We just got ourselves a little shorty 🙂 Her heart was going strong at 152 bpm and she was nearly a whole pound! I am so proud of my growing little miracle! I am ecstatic that everything is going so well with her and couldnt be more happy that in just a few months, my darling princess will be in my arms!!

As for myself, I am still unable to get a prescription for God knows what reason. My doctor was actually quite furious when I told him I STILL havent received it and so he set me up with more weekly IV treatments. From now on, I’ll be going in three times a week for a shot of zofran and some always needed fluids. He said he would personally call and figure out whats holding up the medication and told me I shouldnt have to suffer with out it for much longer. We also discussed how after my next appointment in four weeks that I will start going in weekly for NST and more ultrasounds! I was happy to hear the last part of that, I really didnt expect to get another look at her while pregnant. He made me feel very comfortable and optimistic, for once, that everything is going to be ok 🙂 Oh, and I am not having ANY trouble putting on and keeping on this weight anymore, even with the CONSTANT vomiting! I gained another four pounds, bringing myself up to 120lbs!!!! OMG!! Maybe I am gaining so much because I lost so much at first…? I am only just finally to my prepregnancy weight, at nearly 21 weeks lol, I guess I cant really complain that much.

So for now, I’m very pleased with how everything is going…always so freaking HAPPY to feel that little girl squirming around inside of me 🙂 I love her with all of my heart and finding out that everything is going completely according to plan as of now has just made my entire year. Being sick is so much easier to deal with when I’m not worrying about her all of the time…SHE IS FINE lol so that makes me just fine too.

Here are a few pictures for you guys to enjoy! The first is PROOF she is allllll girl lol. The second shows her scratchin her leg, the third is of her spine and the last one is some fun stats they gave me! Hopefully with the next ultrasound, we’ll get some good shots of her beautiful face 🙂

Thanks for reading everyone!


One Response to “Anatomy Scan”

  1. Dawn Says:

    What a beautiful little girl! I hope you’re feeling better everyday.

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