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New Doctor November 30, 2010

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I had my appointment early this morning with Dustin Hughes. We got there a bit early, just excited to see someone who is going to listen to me finally. Well, turns out this is an extremely busy little practice and with only two doctors, my scheduled time ended up being more of a wait then I would have liked. It wasnt that bad, not nearly as long of a wait as the last place…and once I was back everything went pretty quickly. I was given a urine sample and then Jim and I discussed my last pregnancy and more about Riley with the nurse. I love when people, knowing that Riley is gone, make the initiative to talk about her. It makes me feel like they arent uncomfortable and immediately helps me to open up. We talked about why I made the switch from my last OB while she took my blood pressure (which was fine πŸ™‚ ) and then she was off to get the doctor.

The doctor returned shortly after she left. He let me say everything that I wanted to say about everything: why I made my switch, my previous loss, my needs and wants for this pregnancy and how I feel about everything. After he listened to me finish everything I needed to say, he began to explain things that my last OB never took the time to. He explained that the PICC line will really only be beneficial if I am still losing weight at my next appointment. I gained 2lbs since my last appointment, which he said is impressive with me in the state that I’m in. That shows that I am absorbing what I am able to eat though, and so at this point a PICC line isnt imperative. I will, however, need to be going in about three times a week for IV fluid treatments. This will hopefully take the edge off of the days in between treatments as well as keep me from becoming too dehydrated. He told me that medicaid doesnt cover a zofran pump, but that if it came down to it that he would give me a PICC and we’d get the help we need.

Dustin also explained that the baby isnt being harmed by all of my throwing up. He said that as of right now, the baby is stealing everything it needs from me and from my “reserves” in fat and such. The baby wont need much more calories or anything until I am farther along, so now I can relax a bit from thinking I am hurting it and just take care of myself. He told me that right now its important that I just eat what I can, when I can because he understands how difficult even that can be sometimes. He didnt suggest any dumb natural remedies because he UNDERSTANDS that wont help! It was such a relief for him not to push ginger on me or hassle me about dry toast. I just need to do my own thing, and he gets that. We then listened to the baby’s heartbeat which was in the 160’s and then he wrote me a script for zofran (that I later dropped off at a pharmacy to STILL HAVE ISSUES WITH PRIOR AUTH!!! Damned medicaid is killing me, I am so fucking tired of them!)

Anyways, before I left he discussed a few other things that I had on my mind and then finally sent me over t0 the hospital for some lab work. He wanted to run some blood tests just to check some possible causes of demise with Riley. He said that everything on her autopsy came back normal and that it was obviously a placental abruption that cased her to pass, but he said that a blood disease, lupas or another issue might have played a part in it. This is obviously just another step so that we can rule out more causes of death and not finding anything wrong would be a great thing, even if it would make it harder to deal with still. I cant believe something like that could just happen, but if there isnt a cause, then so be it. I’m just that part of the statistic.

Things left off great with Dustin, I am happy to finally have been heard. Now all I can do is take care of myself like I have been doing and trust that if it gets any worse, he will take the steps needed to take care of me and my baby. Even if I am just going to have to be sick this entire time again, I know it will be worth it since this time Baby is coming home with me. This time, I get to be a mommy.


4 Responses to “New Doctor”

  1. Glad you are having a better experience with this doctor. I am still a little concerned though. It sounds like they still aren’t doing much. Does medicaid not cover ANY home health? There’s more to home health than PICCs and Zofran pumps. What about getting them out there for IVs so you can get a constant run of fluids? That yo-yoing is awful.

    • shinkmama Says:

      Its unfortunate, but it doesnt seem medicaid is able to cover anything that will drastically help me. I agree that the yo-yoing is horrible, I feel at a complete loss at what to do. I’m still not able to get my zofran, the preauthorization through is stuck because of my insurance too..if I knew what possible steps I could take beyond what I already have then I would do it, but it really seems like I am at a standstill right now.

  2. I’m so, so sorry you’re having to deal with this. I really hope you find some relief soon. You deserve a break more than any HGer I know right now.

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