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holiday blues, already. November 25, 2010

Filed under: Ramblings — shinkmama @ 4:15 pm

I dropped off my medications on Tuesday before I ran completely out of my zofran. Oh my Lord, I did NOT realize how much zofran helps until I didnt, DONT, have it. I was given my promethazine and some suppositories that I know for a fact dont help me but my zofran was YET AGAIN needing reauthorized before I could get it. I didnt find this out until yesterday when I went to pick it up and I spent the entire afternoon calling everyone everywhere that I could to try and get this before the freaking holiday! The insurance company tells me to call my doctor, who tells me to call the pharmacy, who tells me to call my insurance….its just a fucking never ending cycle that just pisses me 0ff to the max!!!!!!!! The insurance finally just gave me 3 pills for free and told me that they still need to wait on something from my doctor till I can get more….THREE FUCKING PILLS until Monday. They arent even the dissolvable kind so its like, pointless! My doctor could care less since I’m basically not their problem anymore. Told me go to the ER if its “really” that bad. I spent all of last night crying  my eyes out. I was SOOOOO looking forward to Thanksgiving today, and now I’m left with no pills, no help, I am pretty much dreading it.


3 Responses to “holiday blues, already.”

  1. How are you feeling? Today is the day isn’t it? With the new doctors? I’m hoping you find relief very, very soon.

    Thinking of you.

  2. Are you getting prescriptions for Zofran, or for the generic version? I had to pay out-of-pocket for the generic once or twice, and found it wasn’t as expensive as I had thought. Which makes it even more frustrating that insurance companies still balk at paying for it. I mean, it may be money you don’t have, but we could have scrounged up the cash to pay for it if we had to. Plus, you can get reimbursed once the approval comes through.

    Also, of course I would not recommend doing anything illegal, but since Zofran is prescribed so much more these days, I’m sure there are lots of formerly pregnant women (even those who had normal morning sickness or SNVP, not HG) with leftover Zofran in their medicine cabinets.

    • shinkmama Says:

      Nothing but the good old real zofran does anything for me 😦 paying $20-$25 dollars a pill just is not reasonable for me living off my husband right makes me feel horrible. I am very very frustrated with my insurance, I have been on this medication many of times before they decided to not let it through anymore!! I have had to scrounge up cash to pay for it, like you said, and it makes me feel silly to pay that much for one pill thats only gonna last a while.

      annnnd if any of my friends around here could get their hands on some zofran, I’d risk the illegality of it all hahah. I dont know who to contact from here, but you can bet its a daily battle with all of these phone call goose chases! Thanks for your comment and support, I like hearing from you all 🙂

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