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I BLEW UP!! November 22, 2010

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This morning, I woke up with a tiny little bump where my abs used to be! hahah it was just a bloated looking belly, but its hard and I can officially no longer “suck it in.” I know it’s soon, but I’m so tiny right now that I’m not surprised really…I am ready for a real big bump now! I hear everything happens a little sooner with subsequent pregnancies. That excited me sooooo much because I am already so ready to have this baby. I want to feel it kick already! I want to feel those hiccups and punches to the ribs..I cant wait to find out what this bug is and start getting completely ready for their arrival!!

This bug just gave me a bit more of a purpose…gave me reasons to wake up and reasons to better my life. I cant wait to meet you, bug. I love you so much already. annnnd here is the tummy! what a difference in only a week?!!!!!!



2 Responses to “I BLEW UP!!”

  1. Nana Says:

    You silly goose your gonna get so chubby , I can hardly wait either , The best is coming , love you !

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