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Its been a while… November 20, 2010

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since my last post. Lots has gone on, with my hyperemesis still ruling my life. I was admitted into the ER at one point before my scheduled doctor visit on November 11th, given medicine to stop my vomiting and IV fluids because I am always dehydrated. When the 11th finally came, I found out I was meeting with yet another doctor I hadn’t met before.. Jim and Linda went with me and we were all thrilled to see the baby on the ultrasound, waving and kickin like crazy 🙂 The tech told us she couldnt see anymore bleeds in my uterus and that the baby’s heartbeat was a strong 176. I know its just an old wives tale, but that high of a heartbeat was the first time I considered the possibility that this could be a girl haha. Well, after the ultrasound, we finally met the new doctor and she went over a few things with us.

Here are a few pictures from the ultrasound 🙂

First of all, she told me that even though I started this pregnancy off at 121 lbs and now weight 108 lbs, the fact that I cant eat or drink anything unless I want it coming back up and even though I am giving myself black eyes and going crazy trying to keep myself and baby healthy that at-home care was still unnecessary. She said the risks of a PICC line outweighed the benefits it could provide to me….benefits like nutrients to me and my unborn child, hydration when I most definitely always need it and saving my veins from becoming a horrendously torn apart mess. I was so distraught, how could she not want to help me?! She did finally suggest that I go into the hospital three times a week for IV treatments. Thats great, but what about the other four days I am sick!?

Secondly, the doctor vaguely explained something about fetal nuchal translucency.  She said that in the weeks 11-14 you can get the baby scanned to check for downs and turners syndrome and suggested that already being high risk that we schedule a date get that done. We did with Riley as well, I mean, it would just be nice to know and prepare in case something were to be different. Jim and I discussed what would happen if  something were to be wrong and there is no doubt in our minds that we wouldnt love and cherish our child. Losing a child was the hardest thing in the entire world…taking care of a child that needed more attention would be a BLESSING compared to what could happen. We both truly feel like God is taking care of us and our little angle is keeping a close eye as well.

The doctor wanted me to go over to the hospital and have labs drawn. I was only done doing that for five minutes when that doctor called me back and said that they have a room for me at St. Lukes, that I would have to be hospitalized. I was really upset, I hate staying at the hospital. It directly goes back to why the hell should I not be allowed home care if I am constantly in the ER or being hospitalized?! When I got to the hospital, I was poked 5 times before they got a good vein and even that one had to be moved after that vein exploded. Unfortunately, the OBGYN Associates doctors work on call at St. Luke’s so when they would want to do anything for me, they would ask them…UGH!!! I was in so much pain and utter frustration that I couldnt help but discharge myself as soon as everything was manageable from home.  The picture below shows the after math of what my poor forearm had to take. THAT IS FROM IV’s!!!! DO I STILL NOT NEED A PICC?!

I saw YET ANOTHER doctor on the 18th who told me that she has a “proven cure” for hyperemesis. I just about laughed in her face when she told me that all there was to it was keeping your stomach full at all times, not drinking water, taking the same medicine that is already failing me and ginger?!?! HOLY SHIT, did that doctor just sound like she was the most uninformed person in the world. If she knew ANYTHING about hyperemesis, she would know that it is impossible for me to have my stomach full at ANY time, let alone all the time. She’s know that ginger makes me gag and brings on my sickness because that is a trigger for my gagging…people can have different triggers and I just seem to have all of em. I’m just so freaking sick of people thinking that this is morning sickness or that it will let up or go away eventually. I pray for that everyday but it is not going to happen until I pop this kid out! So that appointment was nearly pointless, except to find out that I have kept on a steady 108 lbs for a week now and I did get to hear that heartbeat again 🙂 170, still high and strong and music to mommy’s ears 🙂 I am so in love with you, little bug.


I have a weight check and nurse visit next week right before the holidays and then I see the new doctor on the 30th!!!!!!!!! I am beyond ecstatic to see the Hughes’, I really just have such high expectations for them. Hopefully between now and then I can gain a pound or fifteen haha I do have two Thanksgiving dinners to go to so it could happen!! 🙂



7 Responses to “Its been a while…”

  1. Home health doesn’t have to mean a PICC. Have you explored the option of getting a zofran pump? Home IVs? Something like that?

    I am so glad you will be getting in to see different doctors. Your doctors’ current attitudes are appalling. Really and truly awful.

  2. Do you mind if I link to your blog from mine? I’d like to show my readers what it’s like for women who don’t have proactive doctors like mine. You deserve better my dear.

  3. shinkmama Says:

    Oh, yes, I have asked for ANY help beyond medicine…pills are not working. the zofran pump would be a wonderful option but these doctors said they have never had a patient get one of those at their establishment?!

    the new doctor was very surprised to hear everything that is going on where i currently am and put me on a priority list to get in asap if someone cancels thank the lord!

  4. shinkmama Says:

    Yes, go ahead and link away! I would love the support from others and be able to help others in our shoes if I can 🙂

  5. Not to get too personal, but I saw you mention St. Lukes. I know there are about 1000 St. Luke’s hospitals, but if you are referring to the one in St. Louis, I know of some phenomenal doctors there. Did you find the physician referral area of

    You have got to get medical support. Have they given you ODT zofran at all? At least that you don’t have to worry about throwing up as it can dissolve under your tongue.

    • Diana J. Says:

      Hi, there – I saw your blog linked from “Knocked Up, Knocked Over,” and just wanted to let you know that I’ll be praying for you and hoping to read good news very, very soon.

      Here’s one thing, in case the new doc doesn’t work out. When I was pregnant, I posted on Mamapedia to find good doctors in my area who were good with treating HG. That saved me a lot of searching, because I got direct recommendations from HG mamas (I had to make sure it was location-specific). You can get fast answers, within 24-48 hours.

      I’ll definitely be linking to your site – best wishes, and hoping to hear good things soon.

  6. shinkmama Says:

    I have ODT zofran, regular zofran, phenergan in pill and suppository form, compazine, pepcid ac, reglan, and a few natural remedies that just dont make a dent in how i feel when i am already throwing up or nauseous, it just prolongs the time i have inbetween those episodes thankfully.

    I’m in Idaho, so different St. Lukes, and I did check out that link you provided. I am going to save it as a plan b JUST in case this new doctor doesnt work out…from what I have heard from soooo many other women this doctor is wonderful and i know how proactive she was in treating my sister in law with her HG during her last pregnancy. I am very confident that once im in that i will be feeling some relief in no time.

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