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Unemployed November 2, 2010

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Well, I guess we all knew this was coming sooner than later. How could I keep my job and never go? I’m not as upset as I thought I would be being “unemployed” but I am rather upset to be leaving it all on Jim. I know, I know…We have made it before and he wont mind, he doesnt mind. That doesnt mean that I dont feel some guilt. I will be working on my photography and school more frequently now though, and both of those can bring me in some income if I just DO IT!!! I am happy to not have to struggle into work anymore. I can relax, take the time that I always need to get well during the day and take care of my little Bugger.

I called my general practitioner today and had her send over a referral to a high risk doctor named Juliet Hughes. I have heard wonderful wonderful things about this woman and her husband (who run an OB/GYN together) and cannot wait until she is in charge of what goes on for me and Bug. I know she will take care of us and make me feel comfortable when I am scared. Unlike the doctors that I currently have, who have never really been there for me. My current OB, who I wont name only so she isnt thoroughly embarrassed if she ever comes across this, is horrible. The entire practice treats you like a number and if you arent through the line quickly enough then your number is pushed back.

With my last pregnancy, my doctor didnt even deliver Riley. All the medical personnel who was supposed to be there decided that the on-call staff could handle me since it wanst a live birth, I guess. No one discussed options with me, no one was compassionate about my wants for the birth and it seemed like hardly any one cared that I was at the deepest part of hell I could get find. This pregnancy, they have given me little reason to believe that they ever cared at all. They do not care to comfort me, never did really. Sure, I am getting alright care, but only because I am absolutely demanding it this time. I have shown up for nearly every appointment only to have to wait forever, be quickly passed through the office and then out the door with questions that I forgot to ask…..

And God FORBID that you have to call the after hours emergency line!! Oh, God, was that a mistake. I have been calling the pharmacy and my doctor back and forth, back and forth, BACK AND FORTH trying to get my medication to go through! The damned doctors kept forgetting to send in a complete pre-authorization and now apparently my freaking insurance has to accept it still, which could take days. I am just so frustrated that they didnt do it right the first time, so I have to suffer. Well, I decide to call the after hours line to see what I should do (meaning, do I go into the ER or just drink a bunch of water, because I AM dehydrated) and the doctor got super pissy telling me this line was for emergencies!!! I started balling and yelling really, before I just hung up. I really hope that this will just all be fixed when I finally see Juliet. Well, I guess its about time to hit the hay….I will update more when I am not falling asleep at the keys 🙂


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